Valensas Veacon

Veacon was born out of the idea to create more engagement for the mobile user by enabling location specific services. Veacon consist of three main elements which are sensors, SDK and portal.


Sensors are available for purchase and any Bluetooth 4.0 and above enabled iOS device is able to broadcast as a sensor with our Veacon app.


We encourage every mobile developer to innovate with iBeacon technology, so we published the Veacon Mobile SDK, freely available for all developers here.


The Portal and final part of the platform is a management dashboard used to maintain devices, track behavior and create custom scenarios for each location hosting a sensor.

Valensas VDP

Publish your content globally!

Create, customize and publish. Available for iOS and Android.

Designing and adding content has never been easier for companies looking to develop their own iPad magazine. After downloading the VDP Manager and VDP Viewer programs on to your computer and iPad, magazine pages can be added or deleted, rotated horizontally or vertically, and interactive content can be included through the management interface. VDP Viewer is used to edit, preview and test the completed iPad magazine before being sent to the App Store.

You can publish your magazine using your own certificates which enables the magazine to be downloaded under your name via the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Enriched Content

VDP supports embedded images, sounds, videos and HTML5 for animations.


Swipe and scroll through content.

Publish content super fast

Create, edit and display your content in your test device. If everything seems OK, publish the issue via portal.

Valensas Workbuk

Publish your portfolios all over the world.

Astonishing Quality

Every pixel is significant when it comes to photography. Therefore, there are no upload limitation in Workbuk! Upload best high quality images and make the app do the rest.


Filter among various keywords suits your needs. You can select multiple filters at once..


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