iOS Development

It’s a fact that Apple’s launch of the application market in 2008 culminated in the creation of a new, vast market. The fact that Apple was the first to venture into this market gave it a considerable advantage over its competitors. However, in time, the popularity and subsequently, the competition grew, rendering it more difficult to remain afloat in that particular environment. Regardless, those that were familiar with Apple’s structure, rules, in short, Apple’s culture, were always one step ahead of the pack. Valensas has been a part of the Apple ecosystem since the beginning and has strived to direct its customers in the best possible way. By electing to specialize in this platform only, Valensas has ensured that it can offer the best solutions.

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VDP Magazine Platform

Designing and adding content has never been easier for companies looking to develop their own iPad magazine. After downloading the VDP Manager and VDP Viewer programs on to your computer and iPad, magazine pages can be added or deleted, rotated horizontally or vertically, and interactive content can be included through the management interface. VDP Viewer is used to edit, preview and test the completed iPad magazine before being sent to the App Store. You can publish your magazine using your own App Store certificate which enables the magazine to be downloaded under your name via the iTunes App Store.

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Digital Signage

Valensas’ system is comprised of a centrally managed server that distributes the digital signage content to Apple Mac Mini’s. The content is pushed out to the players or the players call home for updates. Our system allows to scheduled information to be displayed at pre-defined times of the day, and for various information to be shown on different screens.

  • IP based customized content
  • Data Integration intranet( Employees’ Birthdays)
  • RSS data feeds (currency, weather forecast)
  • Customizable Templates
  • Easy Management GUI

Lecture Capture

For example, a student on the bus who is late to class no longer has to miss the beginning of his lesson as he can simply follow it on his iPhone. Likewise, students can watch recorded content via the LCSP portal whenever they want or they can download it to watch at a later date.The platform can also be integrated to the classroom and is supported by cameras and smart board systems. Broadcasting control is enabled through computers in class and the Bluetooth multimedia collar microphone attached to the teacher. The pricing of the platform offers an advantage to learning institutions as it does not include a licensing model per device, person or access and instead, enables unlimited growth. LCSP can also be operated on IP based cameras, smart boards, Bluetooth multimedia microphones, Mac based PC’s and IP based networks.


Sometimes we need a little fun distraction in life to get our mind off of things. PISTI is a neat card game that can be played either online with multiple players or offline against the iPhone. Included is a Voice Chat feature with other players -can be turned on or off during game- and the capability of viewing the players’ location and identifies if they are using an iPhone or iPad. With the Game Center integration it’s more fun by inviting friends for a little competition..

Streaming (Audio / Video)

Streaming Platform is another solution from Valensas which enables lessons at learning institutions, meetings in conferences and corporate companies, and live broadcasts to be recorded. The system can be managed via all browsers with web based interfaces. The platform also provides live broadcast support for desktop, mobile devices and TV platforms.