Project Year :

July, 2011

Project Type :

Enterprise, iPhone, Client Projects, Streaming

This application project is the first and unique of its kind in Turkey. The biggest challenge was to syncronize the data stream from the IP Cam desktop and also simultaneously timing the audio data from a Bluetooth source.

Our goal is to expand students and educators access to lectures and carry in-class experience to mobile devices. Popular solutions on the market today have some firewall and high cpu usage bareers. Valensas technology utilizes Apple’s HTTP Live Stream and broadcast live audio and video to iPads, iPhones, iPod touch, and Macs on to ordinary web servers. Instructors do not need to learn new technology nor use any type of special server. Our solution has the capability of adjusting the playback quality to match the available speed on any network. For content protection, important files are encrypted with AES-128, also based on its own authentication scheme.