As one of the leading banks in Turkey Akbank has been investing greatly in mobile technologies to enhance the banking experience for its consumers. In a joint effort, Valensas and Akbank engineers re-created the Mobile Banking App which received the Best Mobile App of the Year title at the GSMA Awards in Barcelona earlier this year. Today we are proud to introduce the world’s first iBeacon implementation to the banking app which allows users withdraw cash from an ATM machine using just their smartphones, thanks to the Veacon platform.


As a development house, and Apple enthusiasts, we feel obligated to bring the latest in technology to our clients. Since Apple’s first use of the term iBeacon we have been working on developing a platform that brands could use to easily implement the new iBeacon micro location technology. Veacon, short for Valensas iBeacon, was born out of the idea to create more engagement for the mobile user by enabling location specific services. These services can vary from offering a discount at your local coffee shop to giving location specific information to visitors at a museum.

Veacon consist of three main elements: Portal, Mobile SDK, Sensors. We encourage every mobile developer to innovate with iBeacon technology, so we published the Veacon Mobile SDK, freely available for all developers here. Sensors will be available for purchase later this year, however any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled iOS device is able to broadcast as a sensor with our Veacon app. The Portal and final part of the platform is a management dashboard used to maintain devices, track behavior and create custom scenarios for each location hosting a sensor.

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